Use Zoosk to Win in the Dating Game

Dating Game

Are you the life of a party yet you can't seem to click with the opposite sex? Have a good career but don't have a plus-one to bring to your friend's wedding? It doesn't mean you're not interesting or attractive. You may just need to widen your social circle. With its app featured on social media giant Facebook, Zoosk is certainly one of the more popular dating tools for singles. There are about 25 million visible Zooskers worldwide and it is translated into 25 different languages.

What sets it apart from the rest of its kind is its unique Behavioral Matchmaking engine. This lets you date smarter by setting you up with your perfect match based on your clicks as well as the messages you have sent and responded to. Zoosk increases your chances of meeting the love of your life by determining which profiles to display first to pair you with compatible singles.

Signing up is easy, be it from the Zoosk website, your social media account or the iOS app. Filling out your profile is even easier if you link it with your Facebook page as this allows you to use your uploaded photos. Though it may not be for those who don't want to divulge everything from their place of work to what they ate at breakfast, it may be just the thing for those who prioritize efficiency. Remember, 90% of your success online is determined by the types of photos you post.

Dating Game

One of the best features of Zoosk is the ability to see if a member has recently been online or not. This decreases the possibility of contacting a dormant account or, worse yet, emailing someone who's already in a relationship. Now that would be awkward.

So with all those good points in mind, how can someone possibly say no to Zoosk? Well, the free service isn't really enough to get you real dates. While you can upload photos, create a profile and even ask your friends to add testimonials for that extra sparkle, your communication options are limited. You can send winks to potential dates but you will have to pay for an upgrade to activate the app's chat function and have the ability to respond to messages. This greatly limits your date options to those who also pay for the premium content. It begs the question --are there enough people who are willing to pay up front even without trying out essential app features?

Zoosk's layout is definitely one of its strong points. Instead of boring looking profiles that look like job applications, this smart dating tool features a posh, clean layout. It makes use of blues and other cool colors. Just look at its round logo font complete with the cute little heart detail. How can you say no to that? On that note, the target demographic looks to be those in the 20-30 year old age range.

We applaud Zoosk for its ability to personalize the dating experience. It produces matches based on your actions rather than relying on tedious traditional methods. Using this Romantic Social Network, there's no need to check profiles one by one just to find a single date.

Dating Game

So, will Zoosk really help you find real love? Well you will probably stand a better chance than using one of the avatar date games that many people opt to hide inside. Well, it depends on what you're willing to invest. As with all dating sites and apps, your choices greatly affect the outcome of your online dating experience. And even when you've posted a picture fit to be a work of art, have told people all about your numerous talents and have many friends vouching for your winning personality, there's still a degree of luck involved. The revolutionary Behavioral Matchmaking engine definitely helps narrow down choices but what if your choices did not opt to open a premium account? Those hoping for a success story using only the free version of the app will likely end up disappointed. Making a profile and uploading pictures can be done at no cost but actually chatting to a guy or girl that caught your eye is a premium feature. This means that you'll be stuck in wink-ville with not much room to set up an actual date.

Bottom line is: you really get what you pay for in Zoosk. The membership rates are a bit on the pricey side especially if you're still on the fence. Just read the fine print and keep the auto-renewal policy in mind so you can decide early on whether you're going to stick around or not.