Romantic City Getaways for Mature Couples

Romance is not exclusively for the young as many mature couples love to embark on a romantic getaway now and then either to get to know a new partner better or simply to rekindle the fires of romance with their long term partner. Here we take a look at the best cities to visit when mature couples are booking a romantic getaway.


Eifel Tower in Paris

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in Europe and is the port of call for many couples who wish to enjoy a break away with their love interest whether they be young lovers or mature partners. Paris is the perfect city of romance for all age groups, while mature couples will find plenty to see and do at a more leisurely pace if so required.

Paris is teeming with fabulous art galleries including The Louvre that houses Mona Lisa herself, while a peaceful stroll along the banks of the Seine enjoying the fabulous views of the Eiffel Tower is a great way to spend the afternoon. Paris has many amazing cafes and restaurants where mature couples can wine and dine one another in candlelight, while there are also many great place to experience the superb nightlife in Paris too.

A trip to the Follies Bergere is a must when visiting Paris as it is an evening of thrilling entertainment, while those of us who prefer  more sedate entertainment can opt for a very romantic horse and carriage ride around the city to view all the many wonderful monuments and romantic places of interest.



The Danish capital of Copenhagen is a beautiful city in which to enjoy a romantic break for two. It is the birthplace of fairytales (Hans Christian Andersen) plus the beauty of this city for the more mature visitor is that everything there is to see can be accessed on foot as the city is relatively compact in comparison to other European capital cities.

Located just a short plane ride away from the UK Copenhagen has many attractions and festivals held throughout the year meaning whatever month you decide to visit there will something on to both see and do. For example the Wondercool Festival that is held in February has many musical, artistic and cultural attractions including live music plus something also for the foodies amongst us.

Copenhagen also looks the part when it comes to romantic atmospheres as most of the shops and cafes are lit by candlelight creating a romantic ambience, while there are many superb cosy cafes where couples can cuddle up and have a coffee while watching tthe world go by.

Why not take a romantic stroll along the waterfront to see the royal palace and the Copenhagen Opera House, while walking along a little further will bring you to the famous statue of The Little Mermaid, the much loved symbol of this city. Finally couples can dine in one of the many superb restaurants dotted around this romantic city or even take a trip to the cinema where "love seats" are available for couples who wish to cuddle up close to watch a movie.


Prague Castle Exhibition

Anyone who has visited Prague will know what a beautiful city it is in terms of architecture, history and its romantic setting. The centre of Prague has an amazing castle that looks like it just popped up in an enchanted fairytale, while the old town is filled with wonderful historic buildings whose architecture is breathtaking.

Prague also has a new side to it where there are many amazing cafes,restaurants, parks and riverside locations where romantic couples can walk together and enjoy the scenery. Prague has everything mature couples need to make their break romantic including superb hotels that will not cost the earth unlike in other major cities.

Gothic buildings with wonderful clock towers and golden spires abound around this city with one after the other of romantic structures to see as you take your romantic stroll. Art galleries and museums are in abundance in Prague, while as the river runs through the heart of Prague why not take a romantic boat trip where couples can view all that Prague has to offer.

Lake Garda

Lake Garda

Lake Garda in Italy is a stunning location in which to take a romantic break with the one you love. Lake Garda is the largest of Northern Italy's lakes and is very popular with mature couples who want to spend a romantic break together strolling through vineyards and olive groves that feature heavily in this area. We realise that Lake Garda isn't a city but as this location is very popular with mature visitors we felt it required a mention.

Lake Garda has many beautiful towns that border this amazing lake, while getting around is made easy as there are plenty of ferries to take couples around the lake visiting some exceedingly pretty locations. Views from onboard the boat are breathtaking too with picturesque scenery, amazing buildings such as the palace that can be seen in all its glory from the lake and Roman ruins that will interest history lovers.

Many events take place throughout the year here, while couples who like to look around markets for relaxation certainly wont be dissappointed in the diversity of markets in the towns along the shore. Lake Garda may have suffered throughout it's history but what remains now is a beautiful,romantic setting ideal for the couple who are looking for a romantic idyll. Take a look at some of the great hotels in Lake Garda that offer everything couples require for a romantic  getaway.



Florence is a stunning city that is heavily influenced by The Renaissance period as visitors will see when viewing its amazing buildings, art galleries and places of interest. Florence exudes romance like no other city as it is teeming with art from the romantic greats such as Michelangelo and Botichelli. Michelangelo's David is located in the Accademia Gallery, while many rennaisance paintings can be viewed in Palazzo Pitti.

The Ponte Vecchio or Vecchio Bridge, is one of the most romantic places in Europe. The bridge is lined with numerous shops and cafes for your delight, while strolling along this medieval bridge really does make us feel like we have stepped back in time.

Florence has many churches and also has the final resting place of Michelangelo himself in the Santa Croce Basilica. Couples who love art will not fail to see the romance in this splended city, while Florence is for us the art capital of the world. Even the back streets of Florence are worthy of mention. Filled with shops, cafes and places of interest couples will spend hours walking hand in hand appreciating the surroundings that will give them wonderful memories for years to come.