Mature Adults Love Romantic Dates Too!

Mature couple enjoying a picnic

There are many adults over fifty who find themselves single due to either divorce or bereavement therefore dating at this mature time of life is more the norm these days. Everyone likes a bit of romance, while mature people are no different in this regard. Here we take a look at some great romantic date ideas for mature adults who are embarking on the dating scene once again with enthusiasm!

Dining Out

Dining out may sound an obvious idea but most people of whatever age like to eat out somewhere nice with their date. More mature daters usually have more cash at their disposal therefore can book a meal somewhere more upmarket that serves the type of cuisine your date will like.

Why not treat your date to a candle lit dinner in a bistro of their choice? What could be more romantic than dinner over candlelight with good food and drink plus an exquisite ambience. Maybe your date would like to be serenaded?Many restaurants and bistros put on evening entertainment for their diners creating a very romantic atmosphere.

Another romantic gesture is to have flowers or chocolates delivered to the table. This will show your date how much thought you have put into the evening, while don't forget to dress to impress as there is nothing worse than a date who is not well turned out especially when you intend to dine out in style.

Couple having dinner

A Night at the Theatre

Does your date enjoy going to watch a show or play? If so why not surprise him or her with tickets to a show you know they will enjoy? An evening at the theatre is very enjoyable and certainly is fun when its in the company of a date, especially if the show is to their liking.

If you book an evening at the theatre to see a play or show that is not your kind of thing but you know that your date will like it puts you in an even better light as it shows that you care and are thoughtful, while once the lights go up a drink in a cosy bar will round off the evening perfectly.

Be a Tourist for the Day

How many times do you promise yourself that you will one day take a look around the sights of your local town or city but never actually get round to it. Why not plan a day out in your own locale taking in the art galleries, museums and places of interest it has to offer.

Typically many people have great places of interest on their doorstep and never get round to visiting them. Get online to your local council tourism website and list the places of interest you would like to visit. For example begin with an art gallery, followed by a museum then stop off for lunch en route. The afternoon can be spent visiting more local landmarks, while stopping off for afternoon tea will break up the walking involved.

You will be surprised just how many places of note have been under your very nose all the time, while the planning involved plus the conversation that ensues will not only familiarise you with your date but will impress them too! If you have a car then getting around will be easy. If not most bus companies offer an all day ticket that will enable you to hop on and off the buses the whole day at no extra charge.

A Spa Date for Two

Most people love to be pampered therefore spending a day at a spa for two is a great way to relax, be spoiled and get to know your date better. Many spas offer days for two where couples can enjoy a range of excellent treatments such as massage, aromatherapy sessions, saunas, swimming pools and much much more.

Many spa breaks include an overnight stay in luxurious accomodation therefore if you know your date well enough booking bed and breakfast is also facilitated. Sites such as Buy a Gift or Book a Spa feature great deals in terms of spa breaks for two at affordable prices. What better way to show your date how much you care? Just make certain that you are aquainted enough for your date to feel comfortable with an night away otherwise a daytime session is the way to go.

Karaoke Evening

Many pubs and clubs host karaoke evenings where guests can select a song of their choice to sing along with accompanying sound track. In our experience most people love an evening of karaoke whether it involves joining in to actually sing or simply to watch others, in some cases, make complete fools of themselves.

Whichever side you are on you are guaranteed a fun evening out with your date. Romance doesn't just have to be about hearts and flowers it is also about knowing how to have fun with your partner in a joint venture that will entertain you both. Show your date what a great sense of humour you have by getting up and serenading them in front of crowds of people after all what harm can it do?

Cook at Home

Couple cooking together

Nothing is appreciated more than a home cooked meal made specially for your date. Find out what type of food they prefer and put together a menu that will tickle their tastebuds. Inviting someone into your home says that you trust the person, while cooking for them shows that you like to impress plus show that you care enough to make the effort.

Decide on a dress code and send your date a formal invitation just to make the night more fun. Dress the table in a way that gives the impression you want to give such as candllight and flowers as a centre piece or maybe make crazy name places to show your fun side.

Dress to impress, play music that you know will compliment your evening or that you know your date will like and get the wine flowing if appropriate. Be attentive to your guests every wish showing them what a great host you can be, while finish off the evening with a small gift to show how thoughtful you are.