The Cosmos Will Help You With Your Love Life in Love Tester Deluxe

Love Tester Deluxe

Though you're one of the lucky ones who have experienced love at first sight, it's not a guarantee that you'll get along well with someone. You may have similar preferences but your outlook in life may be as different as can be. That being said, how can you increase your chances of determining the identity of Mr. Right? By relying on good old zodiac compatibility of course!

Love Tester Deluxe is composed of three mini games. Name Match is reminiscent of those popular middle school games wherein you write your name, the name of your crush and base your compatibility scores off the letter values. After you've supplied your names, you are then given a percentage, and indicating whether or not you're a good match with your dream boat. This is our least favorite of the three as it lacks proper instructions. The game doesn't indicate whether you should input your first names, if you should include last names or if nicknames will do fine on their own. There is also no explanation given as to how things were computed, so it's no more valuable than the traditional pen and paper school game.

The second mini game is a bit more reliable as it makes use of the Chinese horoscope. In order to use it, you will need to jot down your birthdays, down to the exact year. If you don't know whether you were born in the year of the Dog, the Snake or the Monkey, then you'll find that out too, along with that animal's best trait. Once that's done, you are also provided with a rating. Using the same dummy values, we've compared the results with those from other web tests and they were roughly similar. At the very least, Love Tester Deluxe is loosely based on the traditional Chinese calendar.

Love Tester Deluxe

Now, if you don't know the exact birthday of your crush but you've taken note of his zodiac sign, then the third game is perfect for you. After you input your sign, all you'll need to do is indicate that he's a Virgo, a Pisces or whatever and voila. Just like the Chinese Horoscope Test, the Zodiac Horoscope Test is based on astrological compatibility. Though they both make use of traditional methods, they still have different charts. This means that if you weren't too happy getting a measly 65% compatibility in the second mini game, then you may want to try your luck using this method based on Western astrology.

Though it does base off tried and tested compatibility charts, it's good to remember that Love Tester Deluxe is, of course, strictly for fun. There is no way to predict if your potential partner snores like a chainsaw when he sleeps or leaves the floor wet after taking a bath so you can't totally rely on the stars to provide you with answers. However as a simple mini game, Love Tester Deluxe is entertaining. After trying any of the three tests, you can share your score by copying its unique URL. Sending this to your friends displays whatever information you provided as well as the rating that the match got. By clicking on the link, they can even try the tests themselves.

We do like the game's chic look. By combining pastel colors with subtle stamp details, the overall design gives a delicate, classy vibe. The characters representing each compatibility test are nicely drawn, with an art style bordering between Winx Club and My Little Pony. The colors are, as expected, dominantly pink. Though most of these choices are cookie cutter for the teen, female demographic, it's good to see that they are properly executed.

Love Tester Deluxe

The game also earns brownie points for its impressive language options. Can't speak English? Take any of the three love quizzes in French, Italian or Japanese. If those still don't fit your needs, there are a lot more options located in the main menu. Language barriers are really no excuse to miss out on seeing what the cosmos have to say about your love life.

While it can still use some polish and more detailed readings, Love Tester Deluxe certainly has its good points. The interface is simple to use, the horoscope-based ratings are accurate enough to coincide with other tests and the share option gives your friends a chance to enjoy the mini games themselves. We also appreciate the feminine approach to the graphics, complete with cute, thematic characters representing each quiz. As it is with astrology, compatibility tests are not an exact science but as long as you're not pinning your hopes and dreams on the results, it's entertaining enough as a conversation starter with gal pals.