Romantic Getaways for Young Couples in the Worlds Best Cities

Spending time together in a city where there is plenty of activity can be very romantic with many young couples travelling abroad for that romantic getaway. So where do we recommend in terms of finding love and romance in cities abroad where young couples can spend quality time together exploring everything there is to see and do. Here we take a look at the most romantic cities and destinations in terms of sights to see and romantic activities to pursue.


Eifel Tower in Paris

Simply being in Paris is very romantic as it has long been called the city of love and with good reason as places to see and things to do here are great for couples looking for that little bit of "je ne sais quoi"? Travellers can either fly or take the Euro Tunnel directly to Paris, while there are many wonderful hotels in which to stay.

Walking through the capital close to the Eiffel Tower is a must for young couples as walking hand in hand in such a romantic setting cannot be beaten in our opinion. Stop off at a few cafes along the way for a snack or coffee and drink in the Parisian atmosphere as you relax together.

Another great idea is to buy some delicious crusty French bread from one of the nearby shops along with some yummy French cheese and sit on the banks of the Seine in view of the Eiffel Tower  probably one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, as you enjoy your picnic. Very often you will hear accordian music playing in the distance which really sets the Parisian scene for love and romance.

Paris is also steeped in history having some of the world's most interesting art galleries such as the Louvre, while the Palace of Versailles, former home of French royalty or Notre Dame Cathedral with its splendid architecture are a must see for visitors during their romantic break here.


Rome Rome

Rome is another of Europe's most romantic cities that is steeped in history and filled with iconic places of interest to see. The weather in Rome does tend to be better too therefore taking a stroll through this ancient city with the one you love in the evening sunshine is a thing that memories are made of.

Rome is the home of Latin lovers, young couples riding along on scooters together with the wind in their hair and eating out in friendly cafes that surround the ancient squares of this beautiful city. Great places to take a romantic stroll include The Aventine Hill with its lovely orange trees and superb views or The Janiculum Hill that has long been a spot for courting couples due to its beautiful views over Rome.

The Trevi Fountain is a beautiful piece of Baroque architecture that has featured in many Hollywood movies and is a romantic spot for couples who wish to throw a coin into the fountain in order to make a romantic wish, while the Ponte Milvio has a lampost where young couples in love fasten a chain inscribed with their names then throw the key into the River Tiber as a sign of their true love!

There is so much to see and do in Rome that couples are well advised to plan ahead in terms of what they want to see or where they want to go in order to fit everything in during their trip. Whether its the Colosseum or the Pantheon couples will be in awe of the sights in Rome, while a trip to Vatican City is a must too as visitors cannot leave Rome without seeing the truly magical Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica.


St Mark's Square in Venice

Once again we are in Italy but not in the capital, rather the city of canals and magnificent architecture that has long been popular with lovers who flock here year on year. The name Venice is synonimous with romance due to the beautiful gondalas that pass up and down the canals taking couples on a romantic journey where the gondolier will do all the hard work and also serenade you at a price, while you cuddle up in the boat whispering sweet nothings to one another while taking in the magnificent views.

Venice is a theatrical place where eating is an experience rather than out of neccessity. The whole eating session is like a work of art as couples are served by theatrical waiters who seem to dance their way to the table in order to serve up gourmet cuisine while music plays and entertainment abounds.

Eating out is great but as the locals of Venice know the Rialto Market offers superb meat, fish, vegetables and fruits all at reasonable prices giving couples the chance to sample what the real Venice has to offer. It can be very romantic strolling through this superb market sampling the foods and perhaps buying whats on offer to cook a romantic meal later if you happen to be self catering. Further places of interest not to be missed when visiting Venice include St Marks Square and Musica a Palazzo (opera by candle light, how romantic!).

Casablanca Morocco

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and is a great getaway place for those with romance in mind. Naturally the weather here is beautiful meaning outdoor trips are a pleasant experience, while Casablanca was brought to the fore in terms of a romantic location when the romantic movie starring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart was released back in 1942.

The beaches of Casablanca are beautiful with amazing white sand where couples can take a romantic stroll together and maybe enjoy a wonderful Casablanca sunset. The markets here are exciting places where couples can buy lovely gifts for their love interests such as beautiful silks for the ladies or a lovely silk shirt for the gents.

Haggling in the markets is also great fun and will surely impress your partner when you get the price tag down to bag a bargain. Casablanca may not be your first choice of romantic destination but for fans of the movie it is a must visit.

The Lake District UK

The Lake District UK

The Lake District may not be the most exotic destination that comes to mind for a romantic break but the area is steeped in history has some of the most beautiful views and scenery in the world plus has lots of great little bed and breakfast places to stay overlooking romantic lakes and scenery.

Taking a romantic break in the Lakes doesn't have to cost the earth either as many of the hotels and B&B's have offers on all year round too. What could be more romantic than cruising on one of the many beautiful lakes here such as Windermere or Coniston?

Walking through the wonderful hills and dales can be very romantic too. Watching the sun set over a Lakeland view is breathtaking, while curling up in front of a huge log fire be it in a cabin, a cosy bed and breakfast or an inn is one of the most romantic things you can do.

The Lakes has many historic places of interest too including Beatrix Potters house and Dove Cottage the home of Poet William Wordsworth.There is plenty of wildlife to see, while couples who wish to spend romantic time alone will find many riverside and woodland walks where they can spend quality time together.



Couples who wish to travel a little further to enjoy a romantic getaway will find Bali provides everything they need in order to spend quality time with their love interest. Bali has long been a popular destination for backpackers as well as travellers seeking luxury therefore whatever your budget you should be able to find something to suit.

This amazing Indonesian Island has wonderful white sandy beaches making it a superb island paradise that many couples in love dream of. Visitors can hire a villa or stay in one of the many sumptuous hotels that are sited in view of the deep blue oceans of this South Asian paradise.

Couples visiting Bali must ensure they take an elephant ride and dine in one of the many excellent restaurants that serve up a real romantic taste of Asia. Bali is also reknowned for its volcanic mountains, amazing green forests and breathtaking scenery that will set your heart a flutter. Bali of course has a very opulent side offering luxury accomodation that cannot be surpassed anywhere in the world. Romantic couples who wish to splash out on a getaway of a life time will surely love the Romantic island that is Bali.