Date Ideas for Young People with Romance in Mind

They say romance is dead but we disagree, while many young adults like nothing more than to impress a date that has obviously been planned and well thought out. Here we take a look at some great date ideas suited to young adults who want to do something a little different bearing in mind the cost.

Visit Your Local Coffee Shop

Couple at a coffee shop

This may not sound very impressive, after all there are coffee shops on every corner of our towns and cities but we have discovered that many local coffee shops host poetry evenings or engage a local guitarist to play music or in the case of our local, a folk singer. It simply wont matter if the poetry isn't to your taste or the music for that matter as it will give you something to chat about either way and is a perfect ice breaker.

Many coffee shops will extend their hours into the evening to put on a little entertainment charging a small fee to get in but for an evenings entertainment it is well worth it. How romantic is it listening to poetry with your date or enjoying Spanish guitar music? For young adults who may not be welcome in the pub due to their age, a coffee house is a great alternative where you can enjoy your favourite latte or hot chocolate while getting to know your love interest and it certainly wont break the bank!

Visit the Zoo and Theme Park

Couple on a bumper car

Most young people love animals therefore visiting the zoo is a great idea for a romantic date. Your girl or guy will be impressed with how you dote on the animals plus it is a way of keeping conversation flowing when talking about the various breeds and what you think of them.

Many zoos are attached to theme parks too therefore once you have exhausted the animal talk you can venture into the amusements to perhaps take a romantic ride on the big wheel or ride the ghost train if you dare! What better place to hug your date as you scream your way round the skeletons and mummys that pop out during the ride.

As for cost many theme parks and zoos have offers and reductions available all year round to attract visitors therefore saving for a few weeks will mean that you can afford to buy the tickets to surprise your date. Why not take a look at deals featured by Money Saving Expert? You may be pleasantly surprised at the discounts available to you.

Watch a Movie Together

This is a great way to spend an evening of romance with your date and it will cost very little too, while we can download movies or borrow a dvd from a friend if necessary if we don't want to buy one. If your date is a guy try to find out what type of films he is into and surprise him with it when you invite him round. If your date is a girl do the same.

Once you have invited your date round you can also put on a few snacks such as popcorn and nibbles, settle down on the sofa and enjoy the film together. Even if it isn't the genre that interests you it is a great way to show someone that you are interested in what they like plus what pleases them.

Visit the Bowling Alley

Couple bowling

Bowling is really popular and isn't too expensive either so why not take your date to the lanes and you could even let them win! Most of us love the idea of bowling, while it brings out the competitive streak inside us while we have a fun time.

Bowling is  a great way to get to know your date, while you can round off the evening by treating your date to an ice cream sundae with two spoons meaning you will romantically eat together in a fun way. 

Ice Skating

Couple Ice Skating

Whether it is visiting your local ice rink or maybe skating in the park if the season is very cold Ice Skating is a great way to spend fun time with your date and can be really romantic too. Imagine skating round the rink holding onto your love interest in order that you both may keep on your feet.

Many romantic films have featured scenes at the skating rink where couples look into one anothers eyes as romantic music is played. Entry to a rink is normally reasonably priced and spending a day or evening with your date in this fun atmosphere will enable you to get to know each other without any awkwardness.

Horseback Riding

Couple Horse Riding

Many young people have imagined horse riding but have never ventured on to try it. Why not surprise your date with a beginners session of horse riding. Many adventure places provide all the gear you need in order to ride in with the cost and all the safety measures are in place to ensure you have a safe experience together.

This isn't the cheapest of our dating ideas but if you feel like you want to splash the cash on something a little different then it's a great idea. There are many websites such as Red Letter Days or Activity Superstore that offer a days horse riding for beginners or the more experienced plus many of the sessions have great discounts offered so are well worth consideration.