8 Romantic Comedies to Get You in the Mood for Romance

Watching Romantic comedies or Rom Coms as they are commonly known is a great way to bring a touch of romance into your afternoon or evening. Many of us believe that Rom Coms are simply "chick flicks" that only girls and women enjoy to watch but this simply isn't true as many men (although they wouldn't admit it) do enjoy watching a romantic comedy movie especially when sitting beside their love interest. Here we take a look at our eight favourite Rom Coms listing them in no particular order.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral has to be one of the best romantic comedy films out there as it has all the elements required to make a great Rom Com plus has a superb cast of characters played by fabulous actors. Starring Hugh Grant a long time stalwart of this genre of film as a bumbling romantic fool and Andy McDowell who plays his love interest, Four Weddings goes from happy to sad to happy again over and over throughout the movie giving us laughs and romance, sadness and irony from beginning to end.

Four Weddings, released in 1994 is a very British film in every way and saw huge success both in the UK and The US winning Golden Globes and Baftas while narrowly missing out on an Oscar. Grant plays Charles an unlucky in love character who meets the woman of his dreams at a friends wedding they are both attending. The couple do get together at the wedding but seem to only see one another when attending weddings of friends that follow.

The story also involves Charles meeting up with old flames that he thinks maybe he should settle for as Carrie (Andy McDowell) seems out of his reach. There are all kinds of misunderstandings and comic scenes throughout the film with a touch of sadness thrown in when they attend the funeral of a mutual friend.

Will Charles get his girl or will he settle for someone else? We knew in the end what would happen but for those who have yet to see the movie we wont spoil the ending. Written by Richard Curtis (he also wrote the Black Adder Series) and directed by Mike Newell Four Weddings and a Funeral has many famous names credited for its success including

Simon Callow

John Hannah

Kristen Scott Thomas

Rowan Atkinson

James Fleet

If you haven't yet seen this fabulous film then we recommend you aquire a copy sometime soon!

Some Like it Hot!

Some Like it Hot

Some Like it Hot released in 1959 stars the late fabulous Marilyn Monroe as a ditzy musician in an all girl band who falls for a millionaire, who isn't really a millionaire at all. Tony Curtis who is on the run from gangsters plays Josephine/Joe along with Jack Lemon who plays Daphne/Jerry and also likes the beautiful Sugar Kane (Monroe). Both characters dress in drag in order to fool their pursuers. They join the all female band on tour where high jinx, hilarious moments and romantic interludes ensue.

Set in 1929 Some Like it Hot is widely regarded as a Billy Wilder classic movie where all three major stars shine in terms of comedic genius and romantic fun. Lemon's character is pursued by a man who thinks he really is a woman, while Tony Curtis swaps between his female character during the day to a make believe Cary Grant soundalike in the evening in order to grab the attention of Sugar.

The film is packed with hilarious scenes, inuendo, romance and mayhem as the men try to keep their identities hidden in order to avoid being found by Spats Columbo the gangster played by George Raft, who knows the men witnessed him commit murder. We have watched this classic Rom Com many times and never tire of the great one liners and superb acting that won the film three Oscars, Golden Globes and Baftas.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally

If there is one scene from a film that has been used in comedy sketches over and over again it is the restaurant scene from When Harry Met Sally. Sally played by Meg Ryan demonstrates to Harry played by Billy Crystal how she always fakes an orgasm during sex much to the astonishment and amusement of all the diners plus the audience gets quite a shock too!

Released in 1989 When Harry Met Sally is the story of two really good friends who cannot decide whether to take their relationship further as they don't want to ruin a perfect friendship. The issue here is can men and women be simply friends or does sex always eventually come into the equation?

The script, written by Nora Ephron is nothing short of inspired as it weaves its way through their relationship creating some magic moments and some very funny moments too. Do Harry and Sally get together? You will have to watch this Oscar nominated movie to find out. Directed by Rob Reiner other cast members worthy of mention include Carrie Fisher, Bruno Kirby and Steven Ford.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

The 1980's/90's was a great time for Rom Coms with Pretty Woman being one of the most successful romantic films of these decades. Its the fairytale story of a hooker who finds love with a client whom she spends a whirlwind four days with in his penhouse suite in a Beverley Hills Hotel. Its a real rags to riches tale with Julia Roberts as Vivienne the hooker and Richard Gere as Edward the handsome business man who rescues her from a life of prostitution, playing very believable characters.

Vivienne comes up against a lot of prejudice, mainly from women, when she sets off down Rodeo Drive in order to buy new clothes for her engagements. Financed by Edward she enters a designer store only to be humiliated by the snooty shop assistants who refuse to serve her. The very next day, along with Edward, she goes back and spends a fortune in another store before popping into the store that would not serve her to gloat. It's a priceless moment and is one of the many funny scenes throughout the film.

In the end Vivienne does get her man leading us all to believe that fairytales do sometimes come true. Julia Roberts was Oscar nominated for Best Actress but won the Best Actress Golden Globe Award for her superb portrayal of Vivienne. Pretty Woman also has the Roy Orbison classic Pretty Woman single as the films theme song.

Bridget Jones Diary

Bridget Jones Diary

Bridget Jones Diary was the first of three films in this series about a ditzy chubby girl who wishes she could find love but doesn't think she ever will due to her ever expanding waistline. Renee Zellwegger plays Bridget and does a superb English accent that is wholly believable.

Released in 2001 the film also stars Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver and Colin Firth as Mark Darcy who is the object of Bridget's affections. Bridget doesn't think Darcy is interested in her but she is wrong and he tries to make her realise that she is indeed attractive and sexy,even when she wears her big knickers!

Bridget keeps a diary throughout the film, while some great comic moments happen when she is writing in her daily happenings. Bridget Jones gives hope to all us slightly over weight average looking girls in that the film portrays that we don't have to be stunning to indeed find a man. Bridget Jones Diary received nominations from just about every award ceremony going but failed to win any, a fact we find very surprising! Directed by Sharon Maguire this is a great feel good movie with plenty of laughs and romance for Rom Com fans to enjoy.



Splash, directed by Ron Howard is a more unusual romantic comedy film in that the leading character of the story played by Darryl Hannah is a mermaid. Tom Hanks, her love interest, was rescued from drowning by her when a boy. As an adult he meets her again and falls in love not realising she is a mermaid.

When he discovers what she is he soon realises that she needs to be set free and let back into the ocean or she will eventually die. The story follows his efforts to rescue the mermaid in order to release her ,while also keeping her secret from the press.

Splash, released in 1984 is a real love story with some comedy moments but it is the romantic scenes that will steal your heart as the Hanks Character tries to free the mermaid even though he fears he has lost the love of his life. Will he set her free? Will he have to live without her? That is for you to find out when you catch up with this excellent Rom Com film.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day has some fantastic funny moments, while the love story within this strange movie is very touching indeed. Bill Murray and Andy MacDowell play the lead parts in the story of a weather news team that travels to Punxsutawney in order to watch the yearly ceremony where a groundhog predicts the future weather.

The team gets caught in a violent snow storm and has to stay in the town overnight, something the Murray character isn't happy about. The next day as the clock radio alarm switches on to the tune of I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher Phil played by Murray soon realises that the day before is indeed being repeated, while this continues day after day after day with only Phil seeming to be experiencing the phenomena.

Phil uses the time to gain the interest of Rita played by MacDowell proving to her that he isn't a miserable chap but that he can be amusing and indeed the town hero if he so wishes. Groundhog Day directed by Harold Ramis is hilarious in parts along with a spark of romance to please us girls. If ever a day was put to good use it was this one. If you haven't yet seen Groundhog Day then you don't know what your missing!

House Sitter

House Sitter

Fans of Goldie Hawn ,who plays Gwen in House Sitter will know what to expect when it comes to her playing a comedy role. Her love interest Newton played by the excellent Steve Martin completes what is a golden couple combination in terms of how they spark off one another creating some of the funniest scenes in a Rom Com film we have seen to date.

Gwen meets Newton when he comes into the restaurant she works in and tells her about his failed love life and the huge house he bought for his girlfriend that has just refused to marry him. Gwen gets fired and decides to travel to the house to stay while Newton is away as she has nowhere to go. Unfortunately she is discovered in the house by Newton's family and so a web of comic lies and deception ensue.

When Newton finds out what Gwen has done he enlists her help in order to win back his fiancee but eventually realises after many hilarious scenes that Gwen is the girl for him. House Sitter directed by Frank Oz is one of our favourite romantic comedies of all time, while anyone that has yet to see it must do so immediately! Supporting cast include

Julie Harris

Donald Moffat

Dana Delaney